A Traditional Barber Shop 

In the heart of Chicago's Albany Park, we honor the tradition of old fashioned barber shops. You can expect to get straightforward service in a relaxed atmosphere with good music, great drinks and unparalleled service.


Frank's legacy

A traditional Barber Shop in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, Frank’s Barber shop has been open for over 40 years. Frank came from a long line from of barbers, stemming from a family tradition. The shop maintains its old fashioned charm and straightforward services you can expect from a traditional Chicago Barbershop.

Tradition with a side of bourbon...

Frank's Barbershop continues to operate under new owner, Mat Bonnette who has brought a bit of vinyl, craft beer, bourbon and edge to the neighborhood barbershop.  

Learn more about Frank, recently featured on WGN

We were fortunate to be able to keep some of Frank's memorabilia, you can stop by the shop to see more...

Honoring Tradition...

When I decided to leave my gig as a tradesman to become a barber full-time I dreamed of owning my own place. Something that I can do my thing where people felt relaxed and were treated with respect. When I found Frank's Barber Shop it was clear that I had to honor his legacy, so we kept the name. He and I share the same respect for tradition and history. I may have added a bit of bourbon but the honor and respect for barbering remain. 

My promise to Frank and you, my customer: I'll always have good music playing, I'll always offer you a good drink, I'll always treat you with respect and give you great service. 

–Mat Bonnette, Owner